Kyrie Stern

Kyrie Stern

Yoga Instructor

Kyrie fell in love with yoga from the moment she experienced the palpable shift from the constant chattering mind into the sweet sensation of “feeling.” She was hooked from that moment on at 18 years old, while in her freshman year at Berklee College of Music where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music.

Kyrie has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and now lives in Morrisville, PA in a historical home with her husband Rudy. She loves to laugh and always says it’s the best medicine, in addition to yoga and the universal language of music. And though she still experiences the “chattering mind”, yoga has given her tools for more fulfillment, stillness, and joy. Kyrie whole-heartedly believes in the transformative effects of yoga and breath exploration.

Kyrie received her 200 hour teaching certification from the Prancing Peacock in 2015 and then also completed a 100 hour certification in Yin yoga in 2016.  

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