Jess Kramer

Jess Kramer

Yoga Instructor

"Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing… there’s nothing wrong with who you are.” - Jessie J

Jess first discovered yoga with her mom in 2006 at the local Y. After going through some hard times in her teen years she realized that yoga was something that made her feel at home. She has always loved expressing herself with movement but never really figured out how until yoga came into her life.

After High school, Jess went on to study psychology knowing she wanted to help people that were floating in the same boat that she had found herself years before. Always wanting to help others out but never found a way that struck her until she discovered the Prancing Peacock. She went to meet with the Liz about the Teacher Training program and from that day, her life changed. She believes yoga is within everybody. Most of us just need to rediscover that part of ourselves and she loves to assist people on that journey through the practice of yoga.

She became a Reiki 2 practitioner and loves to send reiki energy out to whomever needs a little extra love in there lives. She loves to make people smile and will always offer a hug to those in need of one.

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